Torch Lighter

The #1 Butane Torch Lighter for Every Day Carry

WindBlaze™ is a powerful torch flame lighter that’s great for outdoor cooking, camping, or just enjoying your cigar. 

Key Features Include

  • Compact and Portable Design
  • Perfect for Cigar Aficionados
  • Sleek and Modern Stainless Steel Look
  • Uses Clean Burning, Low Toxicity Butane Gas
  • Windproof Blue Flames for Outdoor Use
Ideal for Toasting & Lighting Cigars

Lights your cigar quickly and evenly. No need for re-lighting which can decrease the quality of the taste of your cigar. Furthermore, WindBlaze™ uses butane gas which leaves no chemical taste on your cigars.

Stunning Stainless Steel Design

Sleek and modern-looking, WindBlaze™ makes the perfect gift for your friends or loved ones.

Fast Burn with Low Toxicity

Using butane as fuel allows WindBlaze™ to reach a temperature of over 1300F in just a short time. It can also create a steady flame with maximum heat output so you don’t have to wait to start using your cigar. Unlike other gas such as propane, butane is less toxic and burns cleaner. It produces carbon dioxide instead of the dangerous carbon monoxide.

WindBlaze™ Torch Lighter

If you’re looking for a modern, neat, and scratch-resistant lighter that will keep the fire going on your cigar, choose WindBlaze™! 

Thousands of Happy Customers

Very stylish butane torch lighter. I also love the packaging. I’m planning on getting another one as a gift to my bother.
Harvey B.
A great all-around lighter with a good price. It’s very handy so I can place it in my pocket. I already recommended it to my friends.
Alfred W.
Torch lighters in this price range are usually cheap and don’t last long. I’m surprised this one lasted me for more than six months!
Angelo T.

The #1 Butane Torch Lighter for Every Day Carry

Wrapped in stainless steel, with eye-catching metallic and multi-color design, this refillable torch lighter is a pocket-sized stunner
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WindBlaze™ Torch Lighter

The #1 Butane Torch Lighter for Every Day Carry

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